5 Fixes For Yamaha Outboard Clogged Cooling System

yamaha outboard clogged cooling system
yamaha outboard clogged cooling system

Among brands like Mercury and Evinrude, Yamaha has also established itself quite nicely as a reliable option. While this unit might lack in fuel economy, you won’t have to ever worry about a lack of power from this option. So, if you’re looking for a unit for a bigger boat, then going with Yamaha is a smart decision. Recently some issues on Yamaha Outboard Clogged cooling system have troubled many owners. Luckily, this issue is not that severe and can be fixed rather easily. So, if you’re stuck in a similar situation with Yamaha outboard cooling system, try to follow these methods.

Yamaha Outboard Clogged Cooling System

1. Try Vinegar Flush

In a situation where the Yamaha outboard is running into clogging issues with the cooling system, your best bet is the diluted vinegar solution. The excessive rust build-up in the pathway can lead to this issue. So, if you’ve not serviced the unit in a long time, there is a good chance you’re in a similar situation.

You can either use any cleaner from the market or rely on vinegar flush to get everything fixed. Once all the gunk is out of the valves, your outboard will start to function perfectly.

2. Use Garden Hose

Sometimes, the simple use of a garden hose can remove extra gunk from the setup. It won’t take much of your time, and passing water through the system will eliminate the majority of clogging issues. Just make sure that the pressure of the garden hose is optimal.

However, too much pressure can also compress the gunk in the system. So, start slow and work your way up through the system. That way, all the gunk will be removed, and the system will start working perfectly.

3. Replace Water Pump

The water pump is the main reason why you’re running into issues with the clogged cooling system. If you’re dealing with frequent clogging issues, then it is time to replace the water pump kit in the outboard. The pump might be a bit expensive, but it will surely eliminate the clogging issues in the long run.

4. Use Wire

If the gunk is visible through the water outlet and the pressure from the garden hose is not enough to remove it from the system, then relying on a piece of strong wire should help you remove the gunk from the system. This is not a complete solution, and you will eventually need to pass a market cleaner through the system.

5. Hire an Expert

If the problem is not fixed even after trying out all of these fixes, then the valves in your unit are likely damaged. To better isolate the issue with your Yamaha outboard, it would serve you well to hire an expert. It is true that the repair cost can be a bit expensive, but if you ignore this issue, the after-effects will be quite destructive. So, either call your dealer or engage Yamaha customer support to help you through this issue. Hopefully, your problem will be fixed in no time.

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