6 Common Garmin Striker 4 Problems (With Solutions)

garmin striker 4 problems
garmin striker 4 problems

The market sentiment and the customer experience with the Garmin Striker 4 have been pretty positive. However, that doesn’t mean that anglers have had no issues with the performance of this device. The majority of users explained this unit to be pretty consistent, but there were still a few issues that anglers have had to maneuver through. If you’re also planning on purchasing this compact and portable fish finder, then the following list of common problems will help enhance your perspective. Moreover, the listed solutions here will help you effectively troubleshoot the fish finder. So, go through the following details if you’re interested in the Garmin Striker 4 and want to avoid these minor issues.

Garmin Striker 4 Problems

1. Unit Keeps Turning Off

If your Garmin Striker 4 system keeps turning off after a few seconds, then this point towards implications with the power source. Most often than not, you will be dealing with a drained battery, but there is also a chance that the power cables are damaged. So, make sure to check the power source when you’re running into these issues.

Ideally, changing the battery should eliminate this issue permanently, but you will also have to replace the wiring if it is in a rough situation. So, inspect the wiring cluster thoroughly to avoid this problem in the future.

2. Sonar Not Working

The sonar screen on your Garmin Striker 4 will also sometimes malfunction, where you won’t be able to get any information on the display. Almost all the issues with the sonar screen are related to the missed information output from the transducer. So, you’re likely running into the same problem where the sonar is not getting any information from the transducer.

Here, you should try to secure the connection ports fully with the transducer cable and make sure that your cable is not roughed up. Sometimes, a quick power cycle will also help eliminate this particular problem.

3. Overlay Not Showing

The overlay numbers can be pretty useful when you’re trying to find a decent fishing spot. However, some anglers pointed out that these overlay numbers can get glitched. This is mostly a software-related issue, and you should make sure that you’re on the latest software.

Otherwise, you will keep running into the same problems with the Garmin Striker 4. Moreover, you always have the option of resetting the unit back to factory settings. That will address the majority of programming-related bugs in your system.

4. Waypoint Issues

Creating waypoints is one of the most convenient features brought forward by the Garmin Striker 4. However, anglers have reported issues with the waypoints not dropping on the correct spot. If you’re struggling with the same issue, then your best bet is to manually add the waypoints.

You can rely on the unit coordinates to drop a waypoint, and the position can be adjusted according to the data from your receiver. On the other hand, resetting the unit is the only real solution to addressing the automatic waypoint feature on your Garmin Striker 4 system.

5. Timing Problems

The timing-related issues might not be that serious, but they can still be annoying when your unit is not displaying the correct stats at any given moment. So, you need to access the settings and then update the time zone. Make sure that the time zone matches your current location and that there are no GPS-related issues.

Similarly, you can temporarily remove power from your Garmin Striker 4 and then resupply it to address the timing-related issues. That will be enough to address the timing problems with the Garmin Striker 4 installed on your boat.

6. GPS Not Working

Lastly, the GPS system can also malfunction, and you will struggle with the GPS signals. Many factors can play into this issue, from software issues to the mounting location. So, you need to check the installation of the unit once more and try updating the software to the latest version. Ideally, the software update will address these issues, and you won’t have to bother with more solutions.

However, if the problem persists even after resetting the GPS, then your only option is to call the experts from the Garmin customer support department. They will help you narrow down the problem.

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