Lowrance Ghost 5 Beeps? 4 Self-Checks To Do Now

lowrance ghost 5 beeps
lowrance ghost 5 beeps

If you’re in the market for the quietest trolling motor on the market, then the only logical option is Lowrance Ghost. It brings a decent design to your fishing setup, and you’ll get an amazing performance from this machine. Moreover, the power from this unit will even last you through rougher weather conditions.

In case of any issues, the motor will alert the owners with a series of beeping noises. Recently some owners have pointed out issues with five consecutive beeps from the Lowrance Ghost system. If you’re dealing with similar issues, then the following solutions should help.

Fixing Lowrance Ghost 5 Beeps:

  1. Power cycle Your Lowrance Motor

Most of the time, this is just a minor configuration bug, and you should simply power cycle the unit. Nine times out of ten, this will fix the issue with five beeps from Lowrance Ghost. So, simply remove the battery connection from your trolling motor and then power cycle your unit one more time. This should be enough to help address the situation with five beeps.

  1. Relink Unit With Application

Sometimes, this issue with the Lowrance Ghost not working and sounding five beeps can be addressed by putting the unit in configuration mode and linking it up with the mobile application one more time. Make sure that there aren’t any loose power connections and that the voltage output through the battery is optimal.

In most conditions, anglers had to get the battery unit replaced. So, if your battery has been serving your unit for a while, then now might be a good time to grab a replacement. Otherwise, you will occasionally run into power issues, and the unit won’t respond to any input.

  1. Factory Reset Motor

If the unit is not fixed at this point, then the factory reset is the only logical thing left to do. You just have to hold down the one and two buttons on the foot pedal for a brief moment to reset the motor back to the factory setting. An audible tone will mark the initiation of the reset, and you can look at the owner’s manual for more instructions.

If there are no hardware issues with the unit, you should just factory reset the motor and then try using the system one more time. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with reaching out to customer support, and the issue will be fixed at this point.

  1. Get Help From Lowrance

On the other hand, if the issue is not fixed at this stage, you need to reach out to a professional that is familiar with the unit. There is a decent possibility that there are some hardware issues with your Lowrance motor. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about fixing the issue yourself, and the only logical solution is to call the experts.

The warranty policy is pretty decent on the majority of Lowrance systems, and you won’t have to go through any trouble to get the system replaced. So, just get some help from Lowrance, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of fixing the situation yourself.

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