6 Fixes For Known Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Problems 

lowrance ghost trolling motor problems
lowrance ghost trolling motor problems

The motor noise can be pretty annoying and will often scare fish away because of the disturbance. For this reason, more and more anglers switch to options like Lowrance Ghost to enjoy a quiet fishing trip. This motor is pretty powerful and rarely ever runs into performance rattled issues. So, you will have an amazing fishing experience with this motor if you’re trying to limit the motor noise.

Even if you end up running into minor problems with the Lowrance Ghost trolling motor, it is not that difficult to get the motor working perfectly with quick troubleshooting methods. So, if you’re planning on spending money on Lowrance Ghost, go through some of these common issues and relevant fixes.

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Problems 

  1. Lowrance Ghost Won’t Turn On

Almost all the situations with Lowrance Ghost not turning on can be linked to the battery status on your machine. If the battery connections are not managed properly, you need to clean them up and make sure that the power from the battery is optimal. Lack of voltage won’t do your system any good, and you need to look for a replacement if the battery is indeed drained. So, try to extend your budget and go with a battery replacement.

  1. Excessive Vibration

While the main selling point behind this motor is that it creates a minimal disturbance, some users did mention excessive vibration coming from the unit. This vibration will negatively impact the power output, and you need to check the propeller for possible damages in this situation.

Sometimes, removing the propeller and rotating it 180 degrees before reinstallation fixes the vibration issues. However, you should still get the propeller replaced if it is in rough condition. You won’t be able to get any performance out of the motor if the propeller is indeed damaged.

  1. Anchor Mode Not Working

Anchor lock features have always been known to be pretty bugged when you’re talking about some of the older models from Lowrance and Garmin. So, you’ll likely run into the same complications with Anchor mode on this unit, and you should look towards recalibration to get the unit working again. Most of the time, adjusting bow offset will help you achieve the same outcome, but you can go through the complete calibration process by following the owner’s manual.

  1. Indicator Issues

The indicator will also sometimes malfunction where you won’t be able to get the pointer to rotate. If you’re stuck in the same situation and the indicator won’t update, then you have probably missed the maintenance instructions. Luckily, all you need to do is to remove the indicator and clean it up. That should get the gunk off of the pivot points, and you’ll be able to get seamless performance from the unit. So, just clean up the indicator and judge its response for a few hours.

  1. Sonar Problems

The sonar is usually pretty reliable when you’re using the Lowrance Ghost Trolling motor, but it is not that rare for anglers to mess up the wiring. So, if you’ve installed the unit yourself, check the wiring for possible damages. If you’re lucky, reconnecting the wires should be enough to address the situation with loose connections. However, if the unit is defective or the wiring is damaged, the only reasonable thing is to call experts from Lowrance customer support. They will guide you through each step of the troubleshooting step while also helping you source relevant replacement items.

  1. Motor Losing Power

Lastly, some angles did mention that the motor will sometimes lose power during normal operations. This situation points towards corroded connection points or obstructions that are blocking the prop from rotating properly. In any case, servicing the unit and replacing the power cables should be your first move. However, if you’re sure that the wires are in perfect condition if the motor is not damaged, just get a new battery for your motor.

Overall, these were some of the more common issues that you can expect with the Lowrance Ghost system, and it shouldn’t be that difficult to fix the majority of these issues yourself. However, if the motor is damaged, make sure to involve the dealer in the troubleshooting process and claim the warranty when you’re unable to fix the device yourself.

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