Lowrance Sonar Says Stopped – 4 Handy Troubleshooting Steps

lowrance sonar says stopped
lowrance sonar says stopped

Lowrance is a brand that most modern anglers will no doubt be familiar with. It was founded several decades ago, in the 1950s. Since then, it’s always been a manufacturer of many different appliances and electronics.

Most or just about all of these are meant to help anglers with their adventures in the open waters. They provide them with all the help they need using modern tech. One example of such devices from Lowrance is their units which you can use with the boat for information such as sonar.

However, sometimes the Lowrance device’s sonar says “stopped”, which leads to many issues.

If this is something that you’re currently encountering, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to be covering everything that users need to know about such a problem. This includes listing the most helpful troubleshooting steps.

These steps will not only help said users identify the source of the problem, they’ll also help them find the best solution according to the cause that’s affecting them. So with that said, let’s get into our recommended troubleshooting methods for when your Lowrance sonar says stopped.

Lowrance Sonar Says Stopped: Our List of Helpful Solutions

1. Press the Stop Button

One of the simplest solutions for this problem that tends to help a majority of people encountering it is simply pressing the stop button. On these Lowrance devices, there tends to be a button that is meant to specifically turn off the stop button.

When it stops for no reason at random times, sometimes pressing this button for a few seconds is actually the usual way of getting the sonar feature back working again. Try this out to see if it helps you just as it has helped many other users.

If you had no luck with this solution, try the others we’ve listed below instead.

2. Restart the Device

A fix that tends to work for just about every electronic device is simply restarting it whenever it starts to act up. There’s not much more to say about this particular solution, as everything is rather self-explanatory.

But to spell it out for users, just hold the power button on your Lowrance device until the screen turns off. After this, just wait for a few more minutes and press the button one more time to power it back on.

This should do the trick for most users that are facing this issue.

3. Disable Automatic Sensitivity

In some cases, the problem is caused by shallow waters and the device not being able to use sonar properly due to restrictions and other complications.

In such cases, one thing that tends to help is reducing automatic sensitivity for the Lowrance device and turning it all the way down.

This helps it keep running properly without problems like this popping up.

But, keep in mind that very low sensitivity for these devices is only an option if you are encountering this issue in shallow waters. If that’s not the case, skip this fix and try the other ones instead since this won’t apply to you.

4. Reset the Device

There’s one last thing left to try if all the other options have failed, and that’s to perform a reset on the Lowrance device. The first recommended option is to obviously only run a soft reset. This might result in some lost data.

But, you will not lose anything too important like your waypoints and other information. To perform a soft reset, first, locate both the power button and pages button on these devices. Then, just power down the device and wait for a few moments.

Once the time has passed, press both the power button and the “pages” button at the same time. Keep them both pressed down under your fingers until there is a distinct beeping sound. You will fix the problem once you hear the beep and release the buttons.

If that doesn’t work either, all there is to try is performing a hard reset. This will result in users losing all their data. The manual for each user’s specific Lowrance device will have more information regarding how to perform this.

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