Mercury 115 Four Stroke Problems- 3 Issues And Solutions

mercury 115 four stroke problems
mercury 115 four stroke problems

From acceleration to efficiency, you need to look at multiple features while trying to pick the perfect motor for your boat. If you’re a beginner and don’t know much about boat motors, it is best to rely on expert opinion and try the motors yourself. That way, you will get many options for your boat that will provide optimal per menace according to the water conditions.

With that said, many people rely on Mercury motors as the primary option for their boats. It is true that these motors provide top performance, but there are some minor issues that you can expect in the long run. So, let’s cover a few common problems of Mercury 115 Four Stroke motors to help you make a better decision.

Listing Mercury 115 Four Stroke Problems and Their Solutions

1. Unit Not Holding Charge

Issues with the system not holding charge are quite common with the mercury 115 Four stroke motor. Luckily, most of the time, this issue is related to problems with the connection points as well as the wiring. So, if your unit is not holding a charge properly, it is best to start with the inspection of connection points and the wiring cluster in your unit.

Cleaning the connection points should be enough to help you get around this issue. Make sure that every bit of dirt or corrosion is removed from the connection points. You can rely on the use of a brush with a little bit of vinegar for this task. There are also many cleaning products in the market that will help you keep the connection points in perfect condition.

Similarly, if there is nothing wrong with the connection points, then it might be a good time to inspect the wiring cluster. You have to check for any possible physical damages and ensure that the wires are in perfect shape. You can also use a multimeter to find the faulty wires in the system if the issue is not fixed at this point.

2. Engine Losing Power

One of the most annoying things that you have to deal with is the engine losing power. You are not able to maintain high speed with the motor, and whenever there is excessive load on the system, it shuts down. If you’re in a similar situation, then there is a good chance this issue was caused by overheating problems or the clogging in the water separator. It can be somewhat complicated for beginners to fix this problem, so rely on professional help if you’re inexperienced.

If the issue is related to the unit overheating, then you should start with the inspection of the water pump. If there are any visible damages to the pump, try to get a replacement for the unit. Otherwise, you might end up causing permanent damage to the pump if you don’t take care of the overheating issue in time. Make sure to take a look at the cooling section to see if any valve broke or not.

Aside from this, a clogged water separator can also create issues with a loss of power. If that is the case with your unit, contact your dealer or take the motor to an expert. He will take care of the water separator issue in no time.

3. Fuel Pump Issues

There are many reasons that can lead to issues with the fuel pump in your Mercury 115 Four Stroke motor. For the majority of times, these issues are related to users using bad quality fuel in their unit. Other than that, avoiding the use of a fuel stabilizer also leads to similar issues with the fuel pump. So, if you’re struggling to manage the fuel system of your unit, try managing the fuel supply properly.

The first thing you should do is dump out the old fuel and then add premium-grade fuel to the unit. Along with that, you need to use a recommended proportion of fuel stabilizer in the unit to keep everything working. Following this method will not only fix the pump issue, but you will also be able to achieve better performance with the system.

You should also look at changing the fuel filter in your unit. It is an inexpensive fix and will help you get around performance-related issues. Hopefully, this information helps you make a better purchase decision about the boat motor.

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