Power Pole Troubleshooting: 4 Problems With Their Solutions

power pole troubleshooting
power pole troubleshooting

Companies have come up with tons of useful devices that can be used while fishing.

Some are used to provide you with a route that can be used while others are focused on providing you with better stability when moving around in a boat.

Power Pole is a handy device that you can use in shallow water. The depth of the water should be under the limit defined by the length of the power pole.

If the depth is more than the specified limit, then the Power-Pole won’t be of any use on your fishing trip.

The primary purpose of the Power Pole is to extend into the water and keep your boat fixed in place.

That way, you won’t have to worry about excessive winds while fishing. Here we will be covering some of the most important troubleshooting steps for a Power Pole.

Along with that, we will be listing some possible fixes that you can use to fix said problems. So, if your Power-Pole is not working as it should, just follow through.

Troubleshooting Steps for Power Pole

  1. Power Pole Not Going Down

One of the most common issues that you can run into is that sometimes one of both the power poles at the end of your boat won’t go down.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why your power poles can behave like this.

Luckily, you can fix this issue without much hassle. So, if you’re struggling with power poles not going down, here are some thing things that can be done.


Make sure that you stay cautious throughout the process as there are several options that you can choose between.

First, you need to start by checking the fuses in the power pole housing.

Depending upon the installation of the power pole, you need to open up the housing and check the fuses to see if they are blown. If the fuse is blown, then you can quickly fix this issue by replacing the fuse.

The fuse is a small part installed to ensure that the device stays secure.

This blowing out usually protects the motherboard from getting damaged. Just make sure that the fuse you are trying to install on your Power Pole is compatible with it.

Matching the power ratings on the fuse is a simple task that does not require much time.

Other than that, you won’t have to do much else, and the power pole will start going down once you’ve replaced the fuse.

  1. Battery Might Be Running Into Issues

Aside from the fuse replacement, many people forget to check the battery connections on their device which is another important part that should be kept in check.

You need to double-check the status indicator lights on all the components to see if they are powered by the battery.

Similarly, use a multimeter to check the charge in your battery to isolate the problem.

multi meter

If your battery is not providing enough output, then changing the battery might be your best option. These devices can usually run out of their ability to hold a charge over time.

However, a battery usually lasts you a long time before requiring a replacement. The time can vary depending on your usage, but it should still last you several years easily.

Considering this, if you notice that your battery was new then there might be something else causing the problem.

Batteries usually tend to catch a lot of dust and debris on their terminals. This starts to gather up on the battery until you notice that it stops functioning.

It is recommended that people remove all of the dust from the battery regularly to avoid problems like these.

Luckily, even if you are already getting the issue, the only thing that you need to do is clean the terminals on your battery.

cleaning cloth

As long as this is done, the device should start working again. Some people report that the terminals had corrosion on them.

This is normal and mostly happens when the oxide in the air reacts with the terminals. This results in corrosion forming which can be removed by scrubbing it off.

People might notice that this is stuck in some cases. If this happens, then your best option is to pour some warm water over it.

This helps with softening the layer of corrosion so that it can be removed easily.

People can also use solutions like dilute vinegar for the same task. Once the corrosion has been removed, place the wirings back on the terminal to fix your problem.

You can also test the battery again to confirm that it is now giving a stable current. If the voltages are still fluctuating, then look for damaged cables.

Any wires that have cracks on them should be replaced with new ones to ensure stable performance.

  1. Pump Not Working

Another issue that you will often notice is that the pumps attached to the power pole will stop working. This issue will also result in the power poles not going down into the water.

So, if the conditions mentioned above apply to you, then start by checking the status lights on both pumps attached to your power poles.

This helps in confirming where the problem is from. So, once you’ve isolated the problematic pump, you can begin the troubleshooting method.

multimeter device

All you need to do is grab a multimeter and check the electric circuit attached to the pump.

If you’re unable to get any reading from the multimeter, then the device is most likely defective, and you need to get your hands on a circuit replacement.

Before people start replacing the circuit board, it is best that they also check the wirings on it.

These can sometimes be bent or damaged that can cause the problem. Improper routing is the main reason behind these problems which is why it should be avoided.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about spending any money and calling the company should help you with this problem.

Explain your situation to customer support in detail so that they can figure out what might be causing it. They will usually send you a circuit replacement.

You can then replace the old circuit by following the instructions given by Power Pole’s customer support.

Some people might have trouble following the process which is why they can also use the manual provided along the device.

You also have the option to look for guides online that contain videos on how the circuit board can be replaced.

Once the new circuit is ready, the pumps will start working perfectly in your boat.

  1. Controller Issues

Even though sometimes your pumps and power poles are working perfectly, a controller problem can make it challenging to manage the anchor.


So, moving on with our Power Pole troubleshooting guide, if you’ve checked the circuits and the power connections, the next thing to do is replace the controller.

As for the last shot, you can try programming the controller again as well.

If you’re facing the same problem, then now is the time to look for a controller replacement.

The best idea here would be to ask customer support to send you a replacement. If you have a valid warranty, getting your hands on a replacement shouldn’t be a problem.

The customer support will help you fix the problem and also guide you through the pairing procedure.

That way, even if the problem is not actually in the controller, they will help you identify the reason for the error beforehand.

So, if you’re unsure about what is wrong with your power poles, just reach out to customer support, and they will start working with you to fix the device immediately.

The company might ask you some questions regarding the condition of your Power Pole. Answering these carefully is essential as they help the team in isolating the problem.

If the problem cannot be fixed over a call or text, then the team will ask you to send in your device.

They will then get these fixed quickly by replacing the faulty parts. The only thing that you can do is stay patient until you receive the device back.

If the condition is not repairable then your only option left will be to purchase a new Power Pole.

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  1. I am having problems with my Power Pole not going down nor up. I used the remote with no success so I went to the unit and tried to lower the PP manually. The unit makes the same sound when it is functioning properly but it will not lower the pole either. I check the fluid and I am ok there. Please advise? Thank You.

    • Hey Gary, I have 2 on my boat that are doing the same thing! What did you find to be the problem on yours? I’ve checked and cleaned battery cables and connections and that’s not the problem, any help would be appreciated thanks. Bo


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