Dec 122011
The Intimidating Nature of Saltwater Fishing

And what you can do about it. (A guest post by: Josh Mann)   One of the main complaints I hear from people who are interested in fishing saltwater for the first time is ” There’s so much water , I don’t know where to start.” I can understand that sentiment. The vast expanse of ocean […]

Dec 032011
I've Been A Bad Blogger and Blogger Buddy

Hello fellow Functioning Fishaholics.  Time sure flies when you are trying to fish in November/December! Lately life and work have been pulling me in two directions and neither one of them leads to a fishing hole. For those of you who are itching to read more stories of fishy fun and addiction STAY TUNED.  In […]

Nov 232011
Brown Trout On Valley Creek?  No, But I Did Catch This...

So my last trip to Valley Creek for wild Brown Trout was a bit of a strikeout but I did catch something special… Yep, you read that caption right.  I caught this Caddis Larvae on my good old 5 wt rod.  (In his defense he was doing his best to hide in a big clump […]

Nov 062011
Why Are The Comments Weird?

Hello Functioning readers!  We’ve added a new commenting engine.  Feel free to abuse it and let us know what you think. If you’d like to learn about the technical details check out the blog post we did over at The Outdoor Blogger Network From Comments to Discussion – Disqus Your WordPress Blog   Please comment, PLEASE, […]

Nov 042011
Functioning Friday - Hagfish From Hell Edition

Looking for a little belated Halloween fun?  Do you like SLIME?  This week’s Functioning Friday is all about a fish so grotesque that some refer to it as the “slime eel”. Not quite a proper eel and arguably called “fish”, the Hagfish has an amazing talent for defense.  When threatened this primitive wiggler unleashes massive amounts of […]

Oct 222011
Functioning Friday - Down The Drain Edition

So I ran into a few videos that gave me a glimpse into what my life would be like if I lived in a City and had no access to “fishable” water.  I mean to what lengths would I go to feed my fishing addiction?  Would I put countless miles on my car multiple times […]

Oct 192011
Who Says You Can't Catch PA Bass In October?

Here’s a real quick video of a Largemouth Bass I bumped into at Green Lane Park last Sunday. Some people don’t think you can catch fish after Labor day.  They are wrong.   Here’s some serious proof that fishing can still be awesome in the middle of October.  Fishing is a 12 month sport. Unfortunately he inhaled the […]

Oct 182011
Happy Birthday OBN!

Today is the first birthday of the Outdoor Blogger Network or as I like to call it “O-ne (of the) B-est (sites on the) N-et! In case you’ve been living under a rock (and have never read this blog)…  The Outdoor Blogger Network is a website that specializes in helping bloggers like The Functioning Fishaholics.  There […]

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