5 Steps To Turn Off Simulation Mode on Humminbird Helix 7

how to turn off simulation mode on humminbird helix 7
how to turn off simulation mode on humminbird helix 7

Humminbird Helix 7 has been the talk of the town (primarily because of its affordability).

Every angler from beginner to expert has switched over to this phenomenal piece because of its simple layout and quick response.

The Humminbird Helix 7 might not be the best unit on the market, but when it comes to decent value for money, this device has got you covered with a comprehensive package.

It is the best device for beginners and experts, and you can make use of this versatile system throughout the year.

When you first purchase this unit from the market, it will be in simulation mode to inform anglers about the features and tips of this unit.

This mode should be turned off to benefit from the full range of features by Helix 7. So, here are some specifics on how to turn off simulation mode on Humminbird Helix 7.

How To Turn Off Simulation Mode on Humminbird Helix 7

You can turn off the Simulation mode from the setup menu. So, if you’re done with the tips and views offered by this mode, just turn off the simulation options from the menu.

Here is how to turn off simulation mode on Humminbird Helix 7.

First, you have to power down your Helix 7 system and then go through the startup sequence to switch between different features on your Helix 7 units.

You can either remove the power connections or rely on the power button to shut down your system.

As the Helix 7 is starting up, you need to press the Menu key on the device as the Humminbird screen flashes on your unit.

This will take you to the mode selection features, where you can choose between Simulation mode, Normal mode, and system updates.

Select the normal mode and then proceed with the startup sequences. This will turn off the simulator mode, and you will be able to access frequent updates from the Helix 7 system.

Once the unit is up and running, press the Menu key again and browse to the demonstration settings from the Helix settings. This mode also replicates the functioning of the simulator mode without letting you save any settings.

Simply toggle off the demonstration mode on your Helix 7 system, and you can move forward with the personalization of your device.

Make sure to test out different configurations to find out which features best match your local water conditions.

While there is a difference between the demonstration mode and the simulation mode, both of these features restrict real-time updates to your Humminbird system.

So, you have to turn both of these features off before taking the Helix system on a fishing trip. It won’t take more than a few seconds to toggle off these features.


However, some anglers pointed out that they had to soft reset the unit to turn off the Simulation mode. You should follow the same method if the Simulation mode is not turning off on the Humminbird Helix 7 system.

You can also talk to the experts working at the Humminbird support department for help.

That way, you won’t have to spend as much time isolating the issue, and the problem will be fixed rather quickly. So, just send a support ticket and wait for their response.

Anglers sometimes hesitate to do the reset procedure. They are not quite persuaded on the concept of erasing previous setups and starting from scratch with the Helix 7.

However, if you are merely setting the simulation mode, there is no other choice.

The simulation mode should always be turned off before the equipment is installed on your yacht, for this reason. Before you leave the shop, you may also ask the dealer to assist you by turning off the simulation mode.

You won’t have to worry with all of these tips on your own, which will save you a lot of work. So be sure to talk to the dealer and let him handle the matter resolution on your behalf.

There is no point in spending hours trying to fix the situation on your own when the actual fix won’t even take you 15 minutes.

So, go through the extra hassle and reach out to the official before getting a fresh piece. That will do you much better down the road. 

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What’s The Point Of Simulation Mode On Humminbird Helix 7?

Now that you’ve a basic idea of turning off the simulation mode, the question remains as to why you have to deal with this system.

The answer here is that this feature was added to this unit for marketing purposes. It doesn’t serve any special requirement.

So, you’ll have to keep these pointers in mind and rely on the simulation mode to test out the unit only.

This feature was only meant to help the dealers better market the features offered by the Helix 7. The next time you browse the market, notice that every dealer is using the simulation mode.

It does serve a purpose for helping anglers figure out the basic usage of the unit.

However, once the unit is out of the store and installed in the boat, there is no point in keeping it in simulation mode.

It will only present the wrong data, and you will not be able to secure any response from the system.  

Now, the routine to exit out of the simulation mode is not that simple either. You will have to boot up the system again and then rely on the menu button to change up the mode during startup.

Many owners get confused about how to turn off the simulation mode in the Helix 7 as they browse through the setting inside the simulation mode. 

Sadly, only a few go through the reboot routine to change the mode on the startup. If you were struggling from the issue and weren’t able to switch out of the simulation mode, try relying on the steps listed here.

Will The Settings Carry Over When You Switch Off The Simulation Mode?

Another common concern that will often confuse some owners is whether or not the setting will carry over to the normal mode.

It is true that you can change up a lot of things in the simulation to test out the layouts and everything else. 

However, these settings will not pass over when you’re switching back to the normal mode. You will have to start up from scratch, and there are no quick methods. You will have to go through the hassle of setting up everything and it will take a bit of time. 

Aside from that, it will also take a lot of trial and error as you test out the unit in your local water conditions.

We understand that managing all of these pointers can be complicated. However, you’re not left with many options and you will have to spend the time.

The only thing that you can do to speed through this process is to hire an expert. Yes, you can either hire a local expert or try asking the local anglers to help you out. It is preferred that you reach out to the anglers that are running the same system. 

That way, you can just copy their settings and use that to optimize your fishing system.

From there, you can go about personalizing the Helix 7 over the next couple of weeks. It will not take you a long time to keep track of all of these pointers if you’re a bit confident in your skills.

Lastly, you also maintain the option of calling the Humminbird dealer. The customer support behind this brand is beyond amazing.

You can reach out to the dealer at any time and have him sort you out. So, be sure to get help when you’re stuck and can’t seem to figure out a solution for yourself. 

Wrapping Up

Struggling with the simulation mode on your Helix 7? We’ve listed some methods to help you out and you can follow through with all of these details to switch over.

Going through the details listed above should limit all of your confusion and you will not have to hassle with the same errors again. 

However, if you’re still stuck even after going through all of these points and the Simulation mode won’t exit, then you need to soft reset the system.

Yes, you will have to go through the reset routine and then choose normal mode as the system is starting up. 

That should eliminate the minor bugs that are keeping you in this mode and you will not have to bother as much with other errors.

There is no need to hesitate when you’re thinking about the reset. You’ll be losing all of the configurations either way, and the reset will only serve you better to limit the bugs.

Hopefully, existing out of the simulation mode will not be that challenging for you and you will be able to rely on the basic reboot routine.

From there, you can go about setting up the normal mode from scratch, and use those to manage your weekly trips. 

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