Little Griddle vs Blackstone Griddle- Which Should You Get?

little griddle vs blackstone
little griddle vs blackstone

As there are no grates on the griddle, it becomes quite easy to enhance the flavor of the dish by cooking it in its natural flavor. Recently many affordable models have hit the market with top-quality griddles.

While buying a griddle, you can choose between different lengths per your requirements.

Most people like to go for a four-burner griddle as it is relatively compact in size and perfect for people on a budget. You will often find people talking about Little Griddle and the Blackstone Griddle on online forums.

Both these products bring a ton of value to the anglers.

Let’s cover a few aspects of Little Griddle vs the Blackstone Griddle to help you with a better understanding.

There are tons of similarities between these two griddle brands which is why you will notice people often getting confused when trying to purchase one.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information regarding these companies. Going through it should help you out in the long run.

Additionally, you should be able to easily decide which griddle will suit your usage better.

Little Griddle vs Blackstone Griddle    

Brands Of Griddle Little Griddle Blackstone Griddle
Pricing Of Griddle Brands Cheaper In Comparison Expensive In Comparison
Design Of Griddles Worse In Comparison Better In Comparison
Features On Griddles Fewer Features In Comparison More Features In Comparison
Performance Of Griddles Optimal Performance Optimal Performance

Little Griddle

Starting with the price point, the Little Griddle is more affordable than the Blackstone products. Even if you’re buying a full-sized griddle, you won’t have to pay more than 200 dollars for this brand.

little griddle

For this reason, Little Griddle is the primary choice for many anglers on a budget.

The Little Griddle portfolio is starting from as little as 70 dollars, and you don’t have to go over this limit if you want a functioning griddle for personal use.

This brand is budget-friendly and brings a few options to customers based on different requirements.

When comparing the design of the Little Griddle with Blackstone, it is apparent that the Blackstone products are far superior. You get a simple look with the Little Griddle and don’t get any unique features.

Even though the style of this griddle is minimal, you won’t have to worry about the performance difference.

As far as functionality is concerned, this brand goes the extra mile to provide optimal products to customers.

With that said, if you want a griddle with a simple design and can’t spend too much money, then Little Griddle should be your first option.

It is the perfect entry-level griddle, and you can easily accommodate its compact size on your burner.

All of the griddles are made from stainless steel and provide slow yet balanced distribution of heat. This allows users better to control the flavor of their recipe without much experience.

All in all, Little Griddle is more of a budget brand that offers minimalist griddles to anglers on a budget.

So, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a better design, Little Griddle is perfect for you.

With that being said, there are also some other things that people should keep in mind regarding this griddle brand. When purchasing a device, there are several options that you can select from.

The features on them slightly vary from each other which is why it is important that you go through all of them. People can usually visit the official website for this brand and go through all the different models one by one.

The main difference is usually the size of the product.

People can purchase one that best suits their usage to ensure there are no problems later on. If you have any questions in mind, then contact the support team directly.

Aside from this, people can also find a dealer nearby that might have this product available.

This allows users to test out the device once before purchasing it.


With many years in the market, Blackstone is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to griddles.

There is quite a wide variety of products available on this brand along with the griddles and offer customers the complete package.

You can buy griddles in different designs along with extensions to make cooking easier for yourself and your family. If you can’t compromise on quality, then Blackstone is the brand for you.


It is true that you will have to pay somewhat extra to get products from this brand.

But the added price is justified by the increase in features and the elegant look. You can get griddles in different sizes from this brand.

There is only a 10 or 20-buck difference between griddles of similar quality when you compare Blackstone with Little Griddle.

Even though it might not be as light on your budget, you can never go wrong with this brand. Depending upon the griddle you buy from this brand, you will get a better quality stainless steel that spreads heat more evenly.

This balance transferring of heat makes it easier for customers to develop the taste of their dish. So, if you’re new to cooking and want a top-quality griddle, Blackstone will be a better option.

It will impact your budget by a little margin, but the added value makes the purchase decision justifiable.

You can also look towards combos along with air fryers and modified series of griddles. However, you’re only limited to a few variants of the griddle on the Little Griddle website.

With that said, if you don’t have the budget for an extensive purchase, try going for Little Griddle.

On the other hand, if you want a top-quality product for your home, going with Blackstone is a safer bet.

The information provided above is usually enough for people to understand how these two griddles are different from each other.

If you are still having trouble making a choice, then consider your requirements. This should ensure that you can get the best possible product.

People can also try contacting the support team for these brands. This helps them in getting answers to any questions in mind.

The support team can also help people in case of any problems with their griddles. The team might ask you some questions so make sure that you answer these carefully.

Once done, you will then be provided with a list of troubleshooting steps that can be followed.

In most cases, people can get free replacements for their products if they got damaged. This can be great but make sure that your device is still under warranty.

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