Techlite vs Chromapop – Which Lens is Suitable for You?

techlite vs chromapop
techlite vs chromapop

The biggest difference between cheap and expensive fishing glasses is the quality of vision and clarity that they bring to your fishing experience.

Depending on the water conditions, you can choose from different lens variants and innovative designs offered by brands like Costa and Smith Optics.

Even though these glasses are more expensive than your standard fishing equipment, they can have a substantial impact on your fishing experience.

Many online users have lately been asking about the Techlite vs Chromapop from Smith Optics.

So, let’s cover a few features that these glasses bring to your fishing setup. The main reason so many people get confused between these two lenses is because of all the similarities between them.

This is mostly why it can be so difficult to purchase one of these two glass lenses.

Going through all the information provided below can be essential as it will help you in understanding how these lenses are different from each other.

People can then decide which one out of the two will suit them better. Keep in mind that your personal preferences also play a huge role.

Techlite vs Chromapop Eye Lenses Comparison

Smith Optics Lenses Techlite Eye Lenses Chromapop Eye Lenses
Weight Of Lens Lighter In Comparison Heavier In Comparison
Quality Of Lens Better Quality In Comparison Lower Quality In Comparison
Price Of Lens Can Be Quite Expensive Much More Affordable
Performance Of Lens Worse In Comparison Better In Comparison


The Techlite glasses from Smith Optics bring premium quality and tapered lens technology to anglers. As compared to the Chromapop, this lens differentiates itself with better clarity and lighter weight.

Along with the lightweight of this unit, you will also make use of the better durability and anti-scratch performance of this unit.

The whole concept behind these glasses revolves around providing a solid unit to customers. They are durable and comfortable to wear at all times.

So, if you spend several hours on open waters daily, then going with Techlite glasses will provide your eyes with sufficient protection.

Even though you can get a polarization filter on the Chromapop plus variant, this feature is not included in the standard Chromapop glasses.


On the other hand, the Techlite glasses come with an exceptional polarization filter that enhances the clarity of your vision. With these glasses, you won’t miss a thing while fighting your catch.

All in all, if you’re looking for fishing glasses with premium quality material, then Techlite is the better unit for your setup.

This innovative technology by Smith Optics aims to bring a long-term solution that anglers can rely on daily. The Techlite glasses provide complete protection from UV light.

They ensure that your eyes don’t feel tired even after hours of fishing. These fishing glasses don’t only protect your eyes but also help you improve the performance of your setup while fishing.

So, if you are not too worried about the budget, then going with Techlite glasses is the best option.

However, to be sure, you should try to demo the glasses yourself by reaching out to local anglers. That way, you will get an accurate feel of the performance of these glasses.

Trying out the lenses before purchasing them can be essential as it allows people to avoid tons of problems later on.

You can usually visit the official website of this brand to view all the different lens options available. People can then go through the numerous designs to determine which will suit them better.

The great thing about the website is that it shows people advanced details about the lens.

This way you will be ensured that you can find a lens that best suits your usage. You can also look for dealers nearby you that might have the exact model available.

People can then go and try out the lens for themselves. This is the best way of ensuring that you can avoid problems later on.


There are many variants of the Chromapop technology that you can choose from. The standard variant of the Chromapop glasses comes with a polycarbonate lens that doesn’t bring much durability to your unit.

You will have to be much more careful with these glasses as the lens can be scratched or damaged easily. It is true that these glasses are much more affordable when compared with the Techlite glasses.

However, there is a good chance that you will have to either claim the warranty or replace the glasses entirely after a few months.

On the other hand, the Chromapop plus variant of this technology brings a comparable quality and polarization filter to the anglers.


If you are going for premium quality, then make sure to either go for the Chromapop plus or Techlite glasses.

With that said, the price difference between the Chromapop plus and Techlite is not that substantial.

Even though the performance of the Chromapop plus glasses is far superior to the standard variant, it is still slightly inferior to the Techlite glasses.

So, if you have the budget, then Techlite is the best option for you. This does not imply that the Chromapop glasses from Smith Optics are inferior to other brands in the market.

When you compare these glasses with other brands in the market, the contrast and clarity of these lenses are quite exceptional. However, Smith Optics pushed the envelope on their Techlite glasses to ensure top-quality features and durability.

So, if you don’t have the budget for Techlite glasses, going with Chromapop glasses is a far better option.

Especially when compared with other fishing glasses in the market. The Chromapop glasses are known for their contrast and color visibility on open waters.

These glasses are a bit heavier and utilize a softer material. If you’re going to buy these glasses, then make sure to be extra careful while handling them. That way, you will extend the lifespan of these glasses by a huge margin.

With that being said, most users going through this article should be able to understand how both of these lenses are different from each other.

These might have some similarities that can confuse you at first, but the article allows people to distinguish between the two lenses easily.

Your choice usually varies depending on your personal preferences and requirements. This is why it is recommended that you take your time and test out both lens variants before purchasing one.

If you notice that both of these don’t match your requirements, then there are several other options.

Hence, it is best that you first test out different lenses as it will ensure that you can get the best one possible for your usage.

If you still have any questions in mind, then contacting the support team for this brand can be useful.

The team will try its best to answer all of your queries and provide you with some simple solutions that can be used in case of any problems.

Even if your lens breaks due to some issue, the team will get this replaced with a new one as long as you still have the warranty service.

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